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Carbon Fiber  =  Breakable  +  Repairable

Carbon Repair  <  Cost of Replacement


For all of your carbon fiber repairs.


Carbon State Repairs (CSR) has been repairing carbon fiber products since 2012, including hundreds of bicycle frames as well as automotive and motorcycle panels and accessories, hospital equipment, orthopedic orthodics, and recreational and competitive sports equipment.

CSR investigates how the damage occured in order to assess the extent of the damage and, if possible, to rebuild the damaged item so that it is stronger than new and less likely to suffer the same damage again in the future.

Carbon State's process is to remove the factory finish from the damaged area, to reconstruct and/or reinforce the damaged area using carbon fiber and epoxy resins, and finally, to complete the repaired areas with finishes that most closely match the original factory finish. 

CSR works with customers to determine the desired finish.  Normally, the highest priority is placed on structural strength and reliability.  When operating at significant speeds, no one wants to be thinking about their carbon fiber repairs, especially in the heat of competition.

Carbon repairs typically cost from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the product and the nature of the damage.  The cost of custom finishes can sometimes equal or exceed the cost of the carbon repair itself.

CSR uses industrial grade carbon fiber and a variety of structural and UV-resistant epoxy resins. 

In partnership with Swamp Ghost Frame Works LLC.